My name is Tessa, but you can just call me T. dutch so yeah my weed is legal. You will probably dislike me but oh well. i'll love u if u talk to me though, i like short talk i guess.. i mostly blog what i like and if you're here to judge me or anyone else i will ask you nicely to fuck off.

fuck all of you.

My thoughts are my doctor's excuse for medicine.
But I find it healthy to get lost inside my head.
And come back with all that I can find.
And write it down on light blue lines.
It's far more useful than reading the Contra Costa Times.
55 up YV road.
Encina on my left.
All you tried and failed to do was justify your theft.
And I get that you're bereft of other things to occupy yourself.
But keep my goddamn name out of your mouth.
And all I want is forward progress.
And maybe next year I'll miss your face but right now its still worthless.
Wasted time, mostly mine. its not my fucking fault.
So get lost and find your way home.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Story So Far - 680 south.